Escape into the maze

Of mouses who hide

From misfortune in

Their little houses

Inside the walls.

You never know

They’re there because

They are oh so quiet

In their mousey manner,

And oh so cozy

In their mouse house.

They have all the

Tasty crumbs of

Bread and cheese, nicely

Sized for their little

Mouths, and oh how

Tasty it is when

They eat and eat

To their hearts content,

All cozy and comfy

Inside the walls.


In the Dead of Night*

Dreams gather

In my head

As in a shotgun

Full of lead.

They want to fill me

With bad thoughts,

Things to scare me:

Oughts and noughts.

Dreams, they wait

Behind a wall

To judge my gait

And cause my fall.

They want to catch me


They want to bring me

Ugly nightmares.

Dreams do come

Whether I like it

Or not–they come,

Knowing I can’t fight it.

So, here I lay

In the dark, afraid

That when I close

My eyes, and compose

Myself to the torture

Of dreams gone askance

Of Mother Nature,

Suddenly a lance

Will be driven deep

Into my heart.

Yes, that’s the part

I dread.

*(Written 2010-2011)


Green grass grows

Between my toes.

I feel it move,

Nothing to prove.

I hear the trees

Blowing in the breeze

The leaves whisper

Songs, and listen

To my crying.

My sighing echoes

Across my lawn.

I catch myself yawning.

As evening comes,

I go inside my house,

And change my clothes.

That’s the most

I can do


*(Written 2010-2011)

Peanut (2010)

Cringe, as I remove

Crust from your aching

Eyes, swelled from

Infection and irritation.

Wag your tail, as I

Scratch your back

And in between your

Large ears that point

Up to the skies

Like little radars.

You sniff your way

Around the floor

Because you can’t see

Worth a flip anymore.

You bang into the door

Of your own crate.

You’re still cute, though.

With You*

Sweet melodies ring

In the firmament.




I am


So glad you said

You’d stay

                         For a while.

I am content.



                                  With you.         

*(Written 2010-2011)