Searching for Truth

Twisting, turning, inside out.

Realms unreachable confuse and tease.

Mysteries unfathomable drift on by.

Can you grasp God’s intellect?

I think not.

Do you know his truth?

You will not know until you see him

Face to face.

You will not have the answers,

Any answers, until it doesn’t matter.

God doesn’t work

The way that gives you control.

He is like a refreshing breeze

That blows through the window,

Moving so that you know

Something is there,

Something beautiful,

Yet, you cannot use it

For your own purposes.

He will not boost your ego.

He will not make you look good.

He will confound you.

He will stay one step ahead of you,

Evading all your well-meant plans.

How we wish God would do our will,

Yet it is we who must do his.

The only prayer God answers is,

“Thy will be be done.”

Anything else is a process,

Simply meant to bring us to that point.

His words are always,

“Follow me.”

And so we search and search,

Yet he eludes us.

Finally, we surrender our will to his,

Trusting in his love.

It is then that we have found him.