Alone (2010)

Headed straight,

But I turned to the side.

I ride the motion

From deep inside.

Gliding along,

No end in sight–

Just me and my dreams

Flying tonight.

Through the darkness

And under the light.

My worries captured

And shown in sight.

No escape comes

From this lofty flight

Only conflict, terror…

My chest is tight.


From this journey.

No relief

Comes from my plea.

Clouds surround

My hooded eyes.

I hear no sound

On this frigid night.

Nothing grows,

Nothing comes

Close to those

Who care some-

-Thing about me.

I am alone.

Only me,

Screaming, “No!”

Send a friend.

Send a friend.

I have no friends.

They are all fiends.

Only me,

Sitting here,

Wondering why.

I ask myself,

Why am I here?

Do I know?

I don’t know.

Do you?

I am alone.

There is no one here

But me.

I sit on a ledge

Of a dark chasm,

Looking down.

Seems like forever,

And then I am there

At the bottom,

Looking up.

Where are they?

Where is my savior?

Where did he go?

Or did I leave him?

Where am I?

Am I alone?

Did I turn my back

On anyone else?

Why am I here,


Such a mystery

To me, so lonely.

I lay here,

Sores on my body.

Emptiness in my soul.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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