Do We Really Need Religion?

Religion.  Who needs it?

I do, and you do, apparently,

But, perhaps, not for the reasons

You might think.

We create institutions

To organize, control,

Gain power over others,

And their money.

To gain commitments

Of time and energy,

To funnel resources

To causes and beliefs

That we care about.

But does all that stuff

Really matter to God?

Wouldn’t he rather

We just love and accept each other,

And get on with living

A life of love?

Do we have to build,

And collect, and instigate?

Why don’t we just

Keep it simple?

Let’s just love each other.

Perhaps, we do gain something

From our religion.

We learn truth,

And we receive grace,

At least, theoretically.

But if we don’t put it

Into practice, what good is it?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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