Laying Down My Burdens

Deep down

My heart wears a frown,

My soul crawls around,

Weeping in ashes,

Clawing the ground,

Not making a sound.

Can you feel

The blade made of steel,

Stabbing my soul?

Yes, that’s how I feel.

How I want, so much

For Jesus to heal

These wounds that bleed me.

And so I kneel

At God’s alter of love,

For a holy meal

Hoping to be touched

By something real.

Is God here with me?

I hope he will say,

“I love you today.

“I have heard you pray.

“I will always stay

“Very close to you,

“When you are afraid.

“So please ask me anything.

“I will hear what you say,

“Every day.

“So take your burdens,

“At my feet you can lay

“Them down to stay.”

I know he’s with me,

Even though my pain

Is as wide as the sea.

I hope to be

What he wants me to be.

So many worries, you see.

I want to be free.

So, here I stay,

On my knees.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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