Heard It In the Way


Heard it in the way,
Not sure what to say.
Seems there are some issues
With how much we use tissues.

Tragedy and sin,
Outside and within.
Things are always wrong,
Just like a sad song.

What else can we do?
Seems we don’t have a clue,
What to do, or what to say,
Who to blame, or who should pay.

So many stories in the news,
So much to make us sing the blues.
Maybe we should just check out.
Maybe we should give in to doubt.

That won’t solve our problems, though.
If we don’t challenge status quo.
Things will stay the way they are,
If we don’t dream afar.

So let us keep hoping, still.
Praying with a great, goodwill.
Let us work together now,
Maybe soon we’ll figure how

To end the static, once and for all.
We must believe, we must know how,
There is a way, I’m sure of that.
So put away your baseball bat.

Violence won’t help the world.
Criticizing is the way to hell.
You are my sister and my brother.
We must learn to trust each other


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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