Finding Out (ch. 7)

The first thing that Stephen saw was Katie. She had a big smile on her face, and she ran up in front of several other people who appeared to be waiting to greet him.  She took his hand and pulled him out of the opened enclosure/scanning device, then pulled him past everyone and into a rather large area that looked sort of like a school gym.

“This is the practice area. The colored lines on the floor are meant to help beginners focus on certain frequencies. You’ll learn stuff like that when you begin your training. C’mon, I’ll show you some more stuff.”

Katie kept hold of Stephen’s hand while she raced ahead.  Stephen was just trying to keep up, but he was eager to see more. Once they crossed the practice area, they entered a hallway that branched off into several rooms on both sides which had a see-through door on each.  Stephen could see that some of the rooms were occupied by one older man or woman and one younger boy or girl.

Katie pointed to the first room.

“The youth is Sam. He is practicing moving objects.”

Stephen looked for some sign of movement.  It looked like Sam was staring at three blocks, one blue, one red, one yellow.  All of a sudden, the blue block went flying across the room and into the wall. Sam jumped up and held his fist in the air while yelling, “Yeah!”

Then Katie took Stephen across the hall to look in a  second room.

“This is Terrence,” Katie said.  “He can see through things–sometimes.  But that’s what he is practicing anyway.  Kristina is his trainer.”

Stephen saw that Terrence sat on one side of a partition, Kristina on the other.  Kristina would hold up a card with an object on it, but not so that Terrence could see, and then Terrence would hold up his own card.  Kristina was talking to Terrence softly, so that Stephen and Katie could not hear her.  Then, she held up a card with black circle on it.  Terrence kept his eyes closed, but his body was relaxed.  He finally held up a card, an anchor.  Kristina said something, then Terrence sunk down in his chair.

Katie shouted through the door, “Don’t worry! You’ll get it!”

They continued down the hall to several doors that were black, no glass.  Katie told Stephen,”This are the practice rooms for the more experienced members, some of whom are trainers.”

Stephen asked,”Why do they need to practice, and why can’t we watch?”

Katie smiled. “Well, everyone needs to practice sometimes, to hone their skills.  The black door is not to keep us out, but to prevent distractions.  Some of skills that the leaders work on are much more difficult, and a little privacy gives them some space to concentratrate better–at least that’s what they tell us. Personally I think they’re doing secret stuff in there! Secret even from us!”

Just then the voice from the enclosure spoke up behind them.  “Don’t worry, Katie.  There are no secrets here, you know that.  However, there are experiments that go on in those rooms where skills are being tested occasionally for safety and even validity.  Sometimes a fluke can lead to a new discovery, or nothing at all.  But we rule nothing out until it’s been tested several times by several leaders.”

He then turned towards Stephen. “I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself earlier.  Your sponsor was so eager to wisk you away on a trip of discovery.”

Katie blurted out,”I was just–”

“No big deal, Katie.” He smiled and gave a little chuckle. “As I was saying, my name is Phoebus, and I am the current master of ‘The Center’, as we call it for short.  I do not live in an ‘ivory tower’ so to speak, and you can always approach me with questions, as long as I am not busy with another member.  My office is down this hall at the end.  If the door is closed, feel free to knock.  And if any meetings are going on inside, there will be a sign p0sted on the door, so you know I am busy.

“Stephen, I have a personal question for you. Some of our members can sense the mental and emotional state of others.  They have sensed a slight disturbance at your house.  My question is, since you are so young, do you need to get back there?  I’m assuming your  parents do not know you are here, which is good, but certain precautions must be taken, especially by those who are young.  We do not want to cause any  problems with your parents.  Otherwise, your time with us may be short-lived, indeed.”

“Stephen was disappointed, but he said,”I understand.”

“Your first training will begin in exactly a week.  Come to the center at 10 a.m. and plan to stay for the day.”

With that, Phoebus walked down the hall towards his office.


Katie (ch. 5)

Psychic Chasms
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Stephen opened his eyes and then looked.  This girl was decked out in a pink and green striped shirt, brown shorts, and blue socks! She had auburn hair and hazel eyes.  Her bike was all pink.

“I’ve heard about you.  The music and the ideas. I’ve had similar experiences, as  have others.”

Stephen smirked. He had had doubts about his own experiences, but now this? Stephen never thought it would come to anything. Too strange, too “out there” for the average person.

Katie looked at Stephen very sternly.

“Stephen, there are people who are very interested in your visions.  The want to hear them, see them. analze them, predict them.”

“Predict them? What do you mean, predict them?”

“Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First we need to go to the center.”

“The center for what?”

“The Supernatural Contact and Processing Center.”

So, does this mean I’m psychic or something?”

“It means you have a gift, that most people do not understand, perhaps even yourself.  These people are here to help. Are you willing to give them a try?”

Stephen hesitated for a second, then smiled. “I’ve got nothimg to lose!”