Reveal Your Heart

Breaking the ice
Is a tricky thing.
I ask you,
How are you?

I introduce myself.
I ask you
What you do and
Where you’re from.

But do I wonder
How you’ve been hurt,
Or what your dreams are?
Do I ask

What is most
Important to you?
Do I wonder
Who and what you love?

I do wonder these things,
But do I say so?
Not usually.
We tend to stick

To the superficial,
Not daring to ask
What really matters.
We play the game.

But I want to know
Who you really are.
I don’t care
What you do

For a living.
Not much, anyway,
Unless it is
Your dream job.

So let’s start over.
Reveal to me
Your heart.
Tell me your secrets.

Hell Is Me


Hell is being away from you,
Not hearing or seeing you,
Not knowing that you care.
Hell is being alone.

Hell is when you’re mad at me.
Hell is not being forgiven.
Hell is being hated.
Hell is being mistreated.

Hell is being betrayed
By someone you love.
Hell is being neglected,
Abandoned or abused.

Hell is something we encounter
Every day.
Hell can happen anywhere,
At any time.

Hell is real.
Hell is here.
Hell is you.
Hell is me.