Hell Is Me


Hell is being away from you,
Not hearing or seeing you,
Not knowing that you care.
Hell is being alone.

Hell is when you’re mad at me.
Hell is not being forgiven.
Hell is being hated.
Hell is being mistreated.

Hell is being betrayed
By someone you love.
Hell is being neglected,
Abandoned or abused.

Hell is something we encounter
Every day.
Hell can happen anywhere,
At any time.

Hell is real.
Hell is here.
Hell is you.
Hell is me.

A Second Birth

Crawl down
Underneath the ground.
Bury yourself,
But don’t make a sound.

Fury follows you
Into the unknown.
It fries your flesh.
It crushes your bones.

You try to escape,
But there is no turning back.
You must keep going
On this dark path.

Can you see
The pain in my eyes?
Can you feel
The one I despise?

It all comes down
To one simple thing:
Will you forgive?
You must cut this string.

It binds you tight
To your inner fears.
It ties you up
In knots through the years.

Trying to live
With all of this hate
Boiling inside you
Will drive you insane.

Cut it all loose!
Set yourself free!
Run from this place,
And you will feel glee.

You must tear the truth
From all of these lies.
You must face it now,
You must stop the cries

Of the poor
And the needy.
The world never dies,
Degree by degree.

But instead we will sigh
And forget all our hurts,
Our cold isolation,
A second birth.