Smorgasbord: Ch. 9

This will be my last week pioneering, so I will begin to do more s’mores and snore more of course except I use a sea splat so I don’t snore at all when I split. Drip the drop of monoxide onto the slit. Strange catacombs cover nicely in the breezy wind winding along the seashore. Do you comb or brush, or brush then comb? I shaved this evening. It’s sum day so I had time. We had ice cream this time but we ran out in the box so I had a sandwich out of a different box. We have dark chocolate syrup. They like it on their ice cream if it’s vanilla. We had moose tracks so they had it on it. It was good at least it looked good and it was good when I had some before even though this time I had a sandwich.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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