Well Said

How long does it take
To smoke a bong
When taking deep breaths
While singing a song?

How many licks does it take
To get to the center of the earth?
Do you like bananas?
I like bananas.

Where did you come from
Before you came here?
What was your name
Before you became you?

Do you know the way
To El Salvador?
Where are you going
After you leave here?

So many questions, but
Not many answers.
Did you know what they meant
When they spoke to you

At that place?
Did they interrogate you?
Did they threaten you?
Did they take everything you had

So that you didn’t even know anymore
Who or what you were?
Where are you now?
Are you here or there?

What keeps you running?
What terrifies you?
What is nice about this life?
What do you wish had happened

In your life before now?
Where would you like to go and
What would you like to do,
Just me and you?

It’s a sinful world, is it not?
What would be best
For this generation
To pass the test?

Well said.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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