Musical Message (ch. 4)

Stephen didn’t make it far before he was spotted by a friend of his, Neil. Neil was an easy-going type who accepted Stephen for whom he was, not worrying about Stephen’s differences or criticizing him for them. Stephen slowed down to a stop next to Neil, who was standing in front of his house on the sidewalk.

“Hey, Stephen, what’s up?”

“Hi, Neil. Just goin’ for a ride. How ’bout you?”

“Just checkin’ the mail. How’s your summer goin’?”

Stephen was just about to answer, when suddenly the music in his head began to flow.  It was sort of a classical variety, with no singing.  Stephen just stood there, looking at Neil.  As usual, Stephen concentrated on the music above all else.  Neil stared back, at first wondering what was going on, then, being a close friend, he realized what was happening.  Usually it didn’t take that long, so Neil waited patiently.  He tapped his foot, kicked pebbles, then sat down on the curb.  Eventually Stephen came out of it.

“Sorry about that, Neil,” Stephen said.

“That’s okay.  Anything unusual this time?”

“No, just music.  Sometimes the ideas take a while.”

“I gotcha.  Well, you gonna’ be okay ridin’?”

“Yeah, I think so.  I’m not as dizzy as I am sometimes.  Probably bein’ outside.”

“Okay.  Then I guess I’ll see ya.”

“Okay, see ya.”

Stephen decided to head to the park that was nearby. He could sit and let the experience wash over him, keeping watch for any insight or inspiration that might come through after the music. When he got to the park, he locked up his bike, then  found a bench to sit and watch the nice view.  There  was a fountain in the center, and lots of  landscaped bushes and flowers all around.  There was a path, but  Stephen didn’t feel like walking right now. Sometimes Stephen would consider the patterns in the music, sometimes the feeling it gave him and sometimes pictures that went through his head when he heard the music.

city park fountain
Image via Wikipedia

Sitting on the bench didn’t seem to be working for him, so Stephen got up off the bench, walked across the path and into the grass in front of the fountain. He layed down in the grass, hoping a change of perspective would do the trick.  Stephen closed his eyes and replayed the music in his head.  He was so focused, that he didn’t even notice someone walk over to where he was laying.

Suddenly, Stephen heard a voice say, “Hi, I’m Katie.”

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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