Pro-Choice Battles

March for Women's Lives, 2004
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One day I joined up with some ultra religious

types like myself to join a demonstration in

hopes of “glorifying God” and “witnessing to some

sinners”. The pastors signs said “God is Love.”

” Most of our signs said “Abortion Kills”.  It was

these signs, along with our very self-righteous

presence that brought upon the angry looks,

shouts and screams, and vicious insults from the

members of the pro-choice parade to which we

were protesting.  I held up my sign because i

believed that abortion was wrong, but I was

watching and listening to the message beimg

given by the other side.  They were more

passionate, more painful, more desperate. I

walked away from that protest a changed man.

I still felt strongly about the right-to-life, but my

lot lay with those suffering women. I would go on

to refer to myself as “pro-choice”, and those are

fightin’ words in the Bible Belt.

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Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

12 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Battles”

    1. Yes, Margo does quite a good job in informing her followers about all that goes on. I appreciate her. Thank you. It was certainly quite a turn-around for me.

    1. Thank you. I’m not usually one for show, but sometimes…

      Honesty, yes, that seems to be my burning passion.

      Paula is great. She is a wonderful poet and a great encourager.

  1. Well, I don’t know that I saw past the Bible, just saw what was around me. I’m no example for anybody, but I do think there are some good things in the Bible. You just have to be humble enough and honest enough about yourslef and other people to realize when something that you don’t understand is true. Christians have a bad habit of thinking they know it all. That’s is a gross mistake, in my opinion.

  2. There are always two sides to every story. More often than not, circumstances dictate the action. I abhor abortion, but believe a woman should have control of her own body. When I first became a cop, abortion was illegal, much like liquor was illegal during prohibition. Being illegal didn’t stop the sale of liquor anymore than making abortion illegal stopped them. It did stop safe, sanitary medical abortions. The alternative resulted in permanent scars, disfigurement and sometimes death to the fetus and the mother. It’s one of those things cops try to forget.

    1. I agree. Circumstances dictate the action. And freedom is more precious in this country than gold. After that parade, I thought long and hard on a lot of things, and legislating morality just didn’t seem right.

  3. This is really amazing. I love the honesty too. I am against abortion but, like you, see that the protests don’t fit. Groups that help struggling mothers who truly want to have the baby, and then keep in contact with those moms to provide support for them through prayer and finances truly fits This is closer to what I think the Word of God teaches us. I’ve been truly touched by moms who have shared their stories about churches who have done this for them…with no strings attached. The moms don’t have to be Christian…they just have to come and ask for help. I’m no expert…but I think this honors God and the protests don’t.

    1. Yes, there is a place for ministry and adoption, and there are many alternatives to abortion. Sometimes these women live through hell, though, and they feel they have no place to turn. And a Christian ministry for some is not a way. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate you stopping by.

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