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Couch potato meets samurai.

Postman meets iron man.

Administrator meets sanitation worker.


Contrasts in physical attributes.

Perhaps lifestyles, philosophies, sanitation

Relationships, goals,spirituality.


Achievements, awards, recognition.

There’s a lot of grey area for some.

For others, a rock-hard stop where they stand.

So what is the great evener?


What shows us all that we are the same

When it comes down to it, in the end?

It’s the rhythmn and the constancy

of the seasons.  They come every year,

putting nature, and us, at their mercy.

So what of us? Are we too big, too anything,

to defy the forces of nature?


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Seasons”

  1. I don’t see a reference here, but thought for sure this was one you’d written for Poetic Asides’ prompt this week…to write on “opposites.”

    BTW…if you haven’t gone to PA lately, their website has changed. Robert’s on vacation this week which has complicated the transition process. Their hosting their site on WordPress now, which means there will be some things that seem very familiar about using their site. One thing–until you’ve been “moderated” once, your posts will be pending. You should post this there. 🙂

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