Loud impossible clanking maleables catch closing wrappers under leaping stovetops.  Reaching rainbows lamely lick kindergarten satchmo socks moving routes floored cutely. Squeezed elevens proper never realms veered tweezers punched ticks swatch smoothing wiped. Bowling fears cud been must mostly. Valiant growls make yules happy wet trees. Twelve redos quiet snappy pleasing from hell-holes. Toe-tapping ranking yuck-yucks bring feed toward cows and teepees. Greeting card jack-of-all-trades hit on precious hangman cantankerous elbows.  Wacked-out believers trending tamely heave apples at fur coat wearing freedom riders. Tank-driving army ants peep kicking angel food cake lovers. Jesting frank-and-beans griped cookie slept deed marks. Plum woozy campbell knees nordic temple teasing.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Wildcat”

  1. I like this unpoetry. It makes me think of the random words and phrases they pick for typing tests and how although the tests are supposed to be nonsense in meaning, each test always has this cohesiveness as if the random words are instinctively joining together to make their short lives meaningful. It seems like a fun stream of consciousness way to write. Some would make great introductory poems for books or other manuscripts. Keep on, keeping on. 🙂

  2. Glad you like this one, pixie. It seems to flow better and be more appealing when I attempt to create sentences, despite the nonsense. I guess something in our brain tells us “this makes sense” even though it doesn’t. Funny what grammar and syntax can do.

    However, this is not the pure unpoetry that I usually write. Usually it does not have anything but words in a row. There is no “flow” to it. I know those are harder to enjoy, but I still write them anyway. For some reason I find some kind of mysterious meaning in them. And I think you are right that there is always a cohesiveness and even at least a personal meaning in word-choice. As far as alliteration and rhyme, not sure how they fit in except for sound, which I enjoy.

    Thanks for reading one of my unpoems!

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