Backing Down

It was coming.

I dreaded it with every muscle

In my withered body.


I hadn’t done my work.

It was obvious.

Everyone could tell on my face,

And I had no piece of paper on my desk

For her to pick up.


“So where is it?” she grumbled.


“I forgot to do it,” I smiled meekly.


“Okay, so don’t be like this one,

Who thinks he is too good to do his work!

And don’t let it happen again!” she said looking

Down at me in an oh-so-menacing way.


“I promise.”


Backing down was what was called for here,

Not wanting to cause a fuss,

Or threaten my grade for the semester.

A little lost face was worth it.


It happened again.

You had thrown your back out,

And you were stuck in bed.


Of course you waited almost a week

Before telling me of your plight.

You never want to bother me,

Figure I’m too busy.


Finally, you called me.

And I came to your house.

You didn’t look good.

You hadn’t bathed in a week.


You had sent me to the store

To buy a few groceries

And something for dinner.


A week later,

You finally made it to the toilet.

A month later,

You finally went again.


You survived on Gatorade,

One meal a day,

Peanut butter crackers,

And Little Debbie snacks.


Then your knees went out.

It was the same all over again.


Stuck in bed, food deliveries,

Taking in the mail,

And in the end,

Helping with the shower.


You worked towards that.

Every day,

A little closer

To the restroom.


Both to the toilet

And to the shower.


For the shower,

You needed more

Strength and balance.

So it took more time.


But you got there.

You made it.

You were determined

And patient,

And you made it.



Wednesday Poetry Prompts

Poetic Asides #137