Reality vs Self

Smooth, flying, dreams

Sweet, happy, memory.


Closed.  Gone. Past.

The images go by,


Then fall over an edge

Never to return.


Living in illusion

Causes more pain


Then it escapes.

Lies, running, away.


What reality do I

Choose?  What is


Real?  What pain

Is true?  Accept?


(Sunday Scribblings

#270, sweet)

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

10 thoughts on “Reality vs Self”

  1. Gordon…I like this. I think it resonates a bit with my life these past few days…the line about images falling over an edge, never to return. Images…whether memories, or ideals/dreams of a future that will not happen. They can all escape us…


    1. Hi, Paula. Glad you can relate. Sometimes we lose things that we’d rather keep. But I guess that is what makes us grow.

      1. Yes, indeed. And growing is a necessary part of living!

        Grateful for your words…of friendship and encouragement as well as your poetry.


  2. It is a blur’ve captured it so chasing the dream inside..I don’t think it’s either or..maybe the success lies in balance..Jae

    1. Success lies in balance, if we succeed, but this is not about success. It is about living with disappointment and giving up the things that hold us back. Sometimes it is our dreams, sometimes it is our relationships, sometimes it is our interpretation of our experiences. There are many things that can get in the way or make us think in ways that are not realistic.

  3. Paula,

    Pain and suffering brings growth, but we must choose what kind, with our attitude. This coming from a skeptic, a cynic, perhaps a hypocrite.

    I’m glad you have found goodness in my words (despite myself, perhaps). It keeps us together and we help each other, simply by writing..

    I’m glad you found me (in the darkness)!


    1. Yes, indeed, Gordon. Like real estate being “location, location, location”, growth/change is about “attitude, attitude, attitude”! Writing has helped to have outlets for expression…and inlets for encouragement.

      🙂 Paula

      1. and don’t forget outlets for encouragement as well, which helps our attitude just as well. thanks as always for your comments. 🙂

  4. These hard-won cryptic lines invite reflection. The poem asks what is truly illusion and seems to hint that even choice is an illusion. I did like the innocence of the opening lines . . . even if they turned out to be an illusion. Interesting work.

    1. thank you for your comments. I appreciate the compliements. Yes, those opening lines were pleasurable to consider. “Those were the days…” so to speak. Though not necessarily illusion for everyone all the time, the pleasures of life can be very illusory.

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