Unexpected Company

Luminous eyes looked down on him.

He had felt them on his back,

Accompanied by the sound of

An erratic scratching back and forth.


He stepped away from the fire,

So he could see better in the dark.

“Whatever it was, it was big.

It looked like a wolf.”


“Maybe hungry. Not wise to

Feed wild animals, though.

Perhaps it’s time to call it a night,

Go to bed and hope it goes away.”


With shaking hands, he picked up

The fire bucket and dashed out the flames.

Quickly he made his way

Into the tent.  “Bad omen.”


“Tomorrow morning,

I’m outta here.

No pleasure here knowing

Some big wolf is watching.”


“I’ll be sleeping lightly tonight.”




Luminous, erratic, omen)


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

9 thoughts on “Unexpected Company”

  1. “I just wish I knew what was so good about it.”

    It catches my attention and I can’t stop reading. I can feel the character’s emotions and picture his surroundings. It leaves me wanting more. Does that help?

  2. For me, Gordon, it’s the connection between the word “Unexpected” in the title…and the words “luminous eyes” in the first line…TOTALLY drew me in! A well-written piece, indeed!


  3. I like the eerie vibe and I’d be intrigued if you wrote a story, I once encounter a wild wolf, a young lone male, he followed me for quite a while so close I might’ve touched him it was very strange but an exhilarating experience

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