Nobody Wants to Be an Angel

Dungeons keep
The unwanted.
Towers keep
The necessary
But still unwanted.

In the village
Lives the free man,
Who pays taxes
To the king,

So the villager
Is wanted
For his work,
And for his money.

But what of the great
Flock of angels
Waiting in the heavens?
Busy as ever,

But unknown,

Being an angel
Is a thankless job.
Everyone pays homage
But nobody bears duty.

Being an angel
Is hard work.
You have to save
Stupid people.

You have to keep
Watch over evil men
Who plague the innocent
With their corruption.

And all kinds of things.
But what reward do
Angels get?
They get to be in

God’s presence.
Given, it is a privilege.
But how far does it go?

Even that gets old.
In the end,
Nobody wants to be
An angel.

(Sunday Scribblings
#269 – flock)

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

8 thoughts on “Nobody Wants to Be an Angel”

    1. I think doing good is usually a thankless job, since most people are just looking out for themselves and honor is a value of the past, if it ever existed more than just in stories for most people. To me, an angel is a symbol of selfless sacrifice. I agree with you, and add that angels are a rare breed.

  1. Wonderful piece..I am thinking of paintings of you think they might get to have some fun..whilst still doing good and sometimes thankless things..maybe there are some angels that would be good to be..Jae

    1. I hope so. I hope beings with such a grim job can have a sense of humor. I’m sure that if they do exist there is plenty we don’t understand about them, including such perfect gifts as faith, hope and love.

  2. Very impressive. I have always wondered if having an angel is a right or privilege. So even evil men are watched. And you made me feel sorry for those angels. 😉 Cyn

    1. Well, I figured it was just common knowledge to most people, didn’t think I was revealing anything new. I guess it’s all speculation and creativity, really. I was mostly thinking of angels as the ethereal policeman of the universe, but who knows, maybe they are like cupid! 🙂

  3. I wanted to comment on the poem above but couldn’t access the comments box. You’re right, money should not allow people to do just what they wish, regardless of morality.
    I like your piece about angels. I never considered them needing rewards.

    1. thanks for your comment on “Awaiting the Night”, as well as this poem. I’m glad you agree, unfortunately it seems to be the way of the world sometimes.

      I’m glad you like the angels poem. I just came at that one from the perspective that everyone deserves a pat on the back sometimes. And their should be justice for a being that is always (or almost always?) good, too.

      Thanks again.

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