Whip it through!
Look out, you don’t know
What’s coming from over
The hedge on the hill!

Do you have the password
Memorized yet? It stands
Over your head, wondering
What your next move will be.

Climbing up the tree,
You might find the answer
To the agony. The treasure
Is buried under his teeth.

Tricks lay waiting just behind
The righteous angle or in
Between the elbow native.
Trunk seething swordplay.

Sharp tangles echoing out
From everywhere around you.
The puzzle of the land
And the water comes back.

Fighting foes of nature
Feels like friendly animation
Come to capture you in
Its web of creature feature.

Swamp thing cries out
For blood and creeps up
Behind the innocent
Angel-eyed youngster.

What will be next
Between the rivals,
And when will the possum
Be ready for supper?