In the end

Cast about by tides and whirpools
Of shouts and screams and echoes,
Deep down inside the heart, mind and soul.

Sounds of seemingly endless suffering,
Bursting forth from this bulging edifice.

Bruises on the body are nothing compared
To the tears and scars left by the raging bull
Of the inner need to connect, to find meaning
In the endless routine and monotony of life.

To find someone who understands,
To find something to do that really means something.

What are we left with,
After our life is shattered by the uncaring stares
Of passers-by and tension of a heated argument?

Is there love left in this little world,
Is there faith and hope
In the greater soul?

Where do we turn
When life grabs us by the neck
And drags us out
Of our sheltered habitat?

Who do we call
When no one seems to care,
No one hears our hints,
And no one sees us in our loneliness?

What do we have when it’s all over,
When the end comes around,
When the clock expires,
And we’re all alone?

And then, are we left?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

7 thoughts on “In the end”

  1. I believe I really liked this one
    It did not just drag me out of boredom,
    It made me look at life,
    In addition, look at what we all take in strife.
    That being said,
    This review will be short and meal
    Because that’s all the words I can make rhyme in one week,

    1. What do we all take in strife? You have me curious. Especially if you need to be dragged out of boredom when you read my poetry. I’m glad you are, though. I write more to share my feelings and inner thoughts, not so much to entertain. Though if the poem does both, that’s great, too. I’m glad you can relate to this one a bit.

  2. In all seriousness here’s an honest review. I study literature for a living. I study it sort of like I study the economy and a teseract. I study it with a careful eye that gleams strengths and weaknesses in poetry even though I cannot make it rhyme myself, or produce deep eloquent thoughts.

    Anyway, before I get off the subject here. The first stanza did not need the last tine. It was as if you were falling the reader dumb or stupid, and you wanted to point out that the main searching area, and where we all eventually find things is earth. That last line in the first stanza can be removed. It does nothing to enhance the rest of the poem.

    This poem in itself is good and it really asks one simple question. I will let your other readers decide what that is. If they are right, I will give them a kiss and a puppy the next time I see them.

    Great overall but that one line bugs the living hell out of me. 4 out of 5 stars.

    1. How do you know what the strengths and weaknesses are if you cannot understand deep, eloquent thoughts?

      I will consider your suggestion. Maybe I’ll change it a bit. See if you like it better later.

      So you think this poem asks one simple question? That’s interesting, though I’m not so sure it’s accurate. I should know, I wrote it.

      I’m curious, though, what you think it is. Maybe to answer would be too personal for you. But if you can relate to the poem in any way, I’m glad. If you get something out of it, and if you see some sort of message that you can relate to, then it is worth writing. It only takes one connection to make it so.

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