Stop story recommend invigorate

Inside broadcasts stoop lounging 

Ted spoof mealtime arrange talk

Rainbow tower hectic soloupse 

Tickle vague harangue deadly 

Neat quarter Elvis tooth decay 

Ocular sick bedtime hop wallow

Word round cookie backtrack 

Hallow furmaltime bird yellow

Be burp bellhop hunters hell that


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

2 thoughts on “That”

    1. No problem. I think it’s just in the process for me. It is full of absurdity, lack of meaning, chaos. You might say sometimes I feel that way, but it’s really more than that. Writing these poems with no meaning somehow calms me. I find comfort in them. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes it seems as though the universe is crazy. Sometimes that is more real to me than anything else, and just finding something real, something genuine, is great.

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