Doing My Part


Saturday, circles;
Bowing to the king.
My wallet appreciates, but
My heart suffers; or does it?
I struggle with whether
To do, or not to do.
They struggle; or do they?
Mixed messages, good and bad.
Where is my direction?
A mist rises, blocking sight.
I cannot tell which way to go.
Responsibility pulls me,
And I know that feeling.
I have been there before.
I was raised with a tuning fork
That keeps me in that key.
But where do the boundaries lie?
When do I say no?
Perhaps, never?
Maybe, to do what I’m told
Is my destiny. I am good at that.
But when does servanthood
Become servitude?


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

4 thoughts on “Doing My Part”

  1. Only bowing to the King of Kings and Our Lord of Lords never kneeling to False Prophets aka false profits, whited sepulchers walking dead mens’ bones filling their coffers through vice. I eternally serve the One who died for me!

    Once again Gordon your poetry has inspired my creative seeds to break forth into full bloom!! Many Thanks!!

      1. Thanks! I agree! Sometimes we just get pulled in too many directions at once. It seems even our heart is confused. I wish it was an easier decision.

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