Ball sort port sport
Free send spend friend
Groove smooth screw
Mood huge touch much
Such silly things spring
Lovingly from happy
Hands man you can come
Some day something
Tingles it mingles sane
Mane lain slain main
Stain angry mounds of
Tangled lemon juice a
Little paprika thrown
In for flavor made toward
Loud stools mules stubborn
Stings sweet meat treat
Feet light fight fright
Tight might quite right
Height strike mike trike
Apple tart heart start
Cart stark stork fork
Pork mouth south
Look mood rude true
Spoonful true pee yew
Screw few tables sink
Mink ladles ladies tri-
Angles leaning trying
Cables mean still meander
Labels still rearranging
Conquest stupid tooth
Mood cooper lid stork
Rankle teething silk
Stinking roller rinks
Marking wrinkle tide
Wide open wide like
Thomas Jefferson
Smoking weed he did
You know his type even
Smoothly singing tunes
To tasty music mouths
Loud rousing tousled
String beans can you
Count can I lets go
Let’s do our thing lets
Leave it now on the
Counter country kick
Stick Mickey muck
Brick lick ticking time
Slime ring finger found
Round type town train
Male mail malleable
Mantra mouse luck
Huckle Finn freak tout
Teak leak meek read
Route mute poop toot
Clue move loot cute
Root moot sloop slop
Pop prop fruit soot
Mars plop plod squad
Dod mod pod wad real
Meal smell steel squeal


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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