Day 246 – Rerouting…

Enjoyed this twist, and the insight therein.

The 365 Poetry Project

I don’t know if most people ever have to do this,
I don’t think they probably see anything wrong
with growing old in a comfortable place.

(Sure, what’s it to get a little sand in your teeth,
but what am I even doing at the beach?)

I think there is courage in hitting the brakes,
watching all the other cyclists pass you by,
having a stretch, a meal, and a nap
and rerouting.

There are races I will win in time,
and plenty I will lose,
but between the rocking-chair living-death
and the speeding, cliff-diving living-death
there is a shady tree and maps.

I don’t know that most people ever stop,
or that most people ever get started,
for inertia; but I know that all improvement
is a matter of rerouting.

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Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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