Jumping Up

Jumping up to touch the sky,
I feel the wind blow in my eyes.
Bending low to stir the soil,
Keeping close, crouched in a coil.

Walking ’round this hallowed place,
I feel a spirit touch my face.
Is it God or just another
Of those demons that always hover

Near my body when it’s tense?
I could use a holy fence
To protect me from these ghouls.
Would be nice to bend the rules.

Sometimes I can see quite clear,
What it is that brought me here.
Sometimes I don’t have a clue
Why it’s me that’s close to you.

Do you think God has a plan?
Do you know the Son of Man?
I’m not sure, occasionally,
What is true for you and me.

Where will you go when it’s time?
Will you pay for all your crimes?
I hope not, for your sake.
We won’t last, with all our hate.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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