Did you taste that?

Dagwinkel foodstores fresh fruits & vegetables
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Mellow market adventure days,

Sweet and bitter smells both at once.

Looking for the fresh, but also the deal.

Familiar faces of all different races,

Just trying to make a living.

Squeezing, smelling, looking, tasting,

Hoping for that special food,

and where I live there is sweet potato pie

and sweet potato bread, scupanons and

mexican food I can’t pronounce (or spell).

There’s all kinds together in harmony.



Thursday Think Tank #60 -Market Days

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

7 thoughts on “Did you taste that?”

    1. Hi, Amy. Welcome to my blog, and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for the compliments, and I will check out your link as well.


      1. Gordon — DO check out Amy’s blog. You will enjoy her work!! She’s another “poet friend” I’ve made here online. Absolutely love her! ~Paula

  1. Love the last line of this one, Gordon. So many things in a market would never be found in the same meal/dish. But in the market…they can exist in harmony. 🙂 ~Paula

  2. Yes, Sweet potato pie is a local favorite. I prefer the sweet potato bread myself. Glad you enjoyed the poem. That sweet potato pie just keeps giving!

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