sting a thing, be a thing, try a thing, fly a thing
do it now, around, into, all over, inside, about
create, connive, diatribe, rant, real self, not fake

truth, personal and espoused, conflicting and connecting
just be, who you are, what you are, when you are, now
be anything, in any place, that self you were meant to be

created, not known except by God, down deep, hidden
is that where we all live on a daily basis, set yourself free
be that part of yourself that is raw, uncut, unspoiled

be you now, be the best that you can be according to
your own needs, feelings, thoughts, interests, goals
be what you want to be, on a page, on a stage, in a room

be it, do it, feel it, find it, search for it if you have to,
research it, connect with it, dig deep down to the bone
really, who are you? where have you been, and where

are you going? right now, tomorrow, next week, not
yesterday or last year or last decade or last anything
who are you today? what is deep down inside of you,

aching to come out? crawling the edges of the chasm
that is your identity, reaching, clawing, gaping, climbing
let it penetrate your consciousness, find out who you are.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

5 thoughts on “you”

    1. It’s a process, a life-long process, I think. I was born to wear my heart on my sleeve, unfortunately. Gets me into trouble sometimes, but also has earned me some respect. You never know, really, what will come of it. But as they say, “Honesty is always the best policy.” I think that rule holds for poetry, as well as the spiritual journey. The more we are honest with ourself, and with others, the purer and more powerful will be every step you take. Good luck!

  1. Gordon ~
    As I said in a comment on a different post, it is the raw honesty with which you write that has me returning…and thinking. Poems like this one reach a place in me that challenges. And I think a part of me has been awakened to the challenge of discovering more and more each day who it is I am. Who God designed me to be. Yes, it is a life-long process as we continue to be molded and refined. And we are to seek becoming more and more like His Son. So that process is never done.

    As for poetry…I only started writing (anything) this past December. I was surprised when poetry came out of me. Figuring out who I am in that realm has been a process, too. An interesting process, discovering one’s voice. Still waiting for clarity on that. Meanwhile, I jumped in with both feet–nose unplugged. And have been treading water all month to stay afloat. Writing a poem-a-day was a challenge that has aided in the process of discovery. The community of poets in which I found myself have been gracious in welcoming this newbie…and have been both encouraging….and challenging.

    Thank you for writing. For asking questions. For challenging me (and all your readers–whether they leave comments or not) to think and grow.

    ~ Paula

    1. well said, and i appreciate you sharing your experience with writing poetry. just out of curiosity, is your community online, local or both? i attend two local meetings (sometimes) and keep up with several groups on LinkedIn, as well as one on Facebook.

      1. Gordon…

        The “community of poets” I referred to is primarily online and is a loosely-affiliated group. Before I started writing I had various people tell me that “I was a good writer” and that I “should write”. I would always laugh–sometimes openly, sometimes to myself…because I believed I had nothing to say. It wasn’t until I read a friend’s blog (that had random posts about life, mixed in with his own poetry) that I realized I also have random thoughts that I could write about and put in a blog. (I guess I had it in my head that “to write” meant I needed to write a book! LOL …and all the bloggers I knew up to that point were missionaries whose blogs had a clearly defined purpose of sharing their stories and experiences.)

        With my friend’s encouragement to write and his blog being an inspiration, I started writing. That’s when I was surprised by poetry. I had never really liked poetry, let alone written poetry. I hadn’t really studied it at all, and didn’t understand it. I’m very concrete and literal in my thinking, so most poems were anathema to me.

        I tell you that to underline my surprise when I started writing poetry.

        So….I’m writing poetry and really know nothing about poetry. HELP!!! lol

        My friend was really no help (so it felt…) because he just let me write without commenting or guiding. I asked a few questions along the way about “rules” of poetry…and instead of answers he asked questions about what poetry means to me. I eventually realized his “lack of help” was the best help…allowing me to discover.

        So in this process of discovery and posting my feeble attempts at poetry, I started to have visitors to my blog. (I was–and still am–in shock about this…”who are these people and what are they doing at MY blog!?”) The whole tagging thing and categorizing my posts as poems is what brought them. And I started to get comments. Encouraging comments. So I kept writing. Eventually, tracking back to the blogs of some of the commenters, I found some blogs with writing prompts…and began writing to the prompts and posting my entries on those pages.

        That’s a LONG answer to tell you about my writing community…..but it’s a rather unique community. Some of the people overlap from one group to the next. If you have ever linked back to my blog, I have the writing prompt blogs listed in a separate group/blogroll. The most recent “community” has been Writer’s Digest poetry blog Poetic Asides. I found them a day or two before April’s NaPoWriMo started. And where I threw in my hat with my poem-a-day efforts. Another blog (called Writer’s Island) offered a place for posting daily entries though they did not provide prompts. Some of the folks I’ve come to call “friends” are from that group but overlap with the Poetic Asides forum.

        I have no idea where I’m going from here, with my writing…I know that I have enjoyed it, and I was challenged by the prompts and “deadlines” of posting a new poem each day. Now that it’s May 1st, I feel a bit melancholy…a bit adrift. I know I’ll write more poems…now it’s a matter of finding them inside of me without a prompt. (There are still prompt sites for various days of the week, which I will still use….) And…my blog had poems AND “ponderings” before April…so it’s finding a balance or purpose in the type of writing I’ll do.

        (giggling)…maybe my writing will just be long comments on others’ blogs! 😉 Sorry for the long post….

        Blessings to you as you continue in your poeming! And I look forward to reading more.


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