you and me and him and them

being here being there all you all me all below all above
we are everywhere we are everything we are you you are me
we are together we are each other we belong here we belong
everywhere we are all connected in God and in each other and
ourselves we were created to live together with each other us

you are beautiful I am beautiful I am dreadful I am scary
we are afraid we are proud we are strong we are weak
we are into everything we are into nothing we don’t care
we aren’t interested we will be better we will lose we will come
back together we will defeat our enemies they will defeat us

we will die we will live we will be here forever we will live in each
other we are a part of the earth the earth is part of us we are
a part of God he is a part of us God cares God is here God is
watching God saw you lose he saw you get hurt he was there
when he said that he was there when you broke up when you
got divorced when he died when she died he was there and he

cared he loves you he loves me we can have hope we can believe
we can care about ourselves we can care about each other we
can be good we can be better we can be the best that we can
be we can be what God wants us to be we can be found we are


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

13 thoughts on “you and me and him and them”

  1. I liked this poem a lot. how cool I really liked the message in this poem. I got out of this that we are one and we are also alne. Quite nice. Well, “the Weird Writer” recommended oh me looking at this blog in one of his posts, so I am. Nice, and this is coming from a gay dancer. Quite intriguing. Keep it up!

  2. Whoa! Way deep dude… Jason, do you really have to announce your dancing status on someone’s poetry blog? OMG! GTL! LOL! Anyway dude, nice poem. Liked this one. Themes are good as apposed to random “steems of consciousness” crap I have to look at in English. I like this poem the best because it has a distinct theme and message. The Weird Writer was right, great stuff. I’ll be sure to keep reading… BTW dude, I don’t like giving my email. Sucks I have to to comment but whqatever. Not meaning to compaire, but on the Weird Writers old blog you had to have one out of many accounts, and if you did you didn’t have to give out your email. Anyway… as the Weird Writer says… WOOT! Excellent!

      1. Wow. Jesus. (no pun intended.) and here we have the strict raw definition of human beings. The only reason I say strict is because you try and contradict everything. This would have worked better as a normal poem and not an “unpoem.” A theme in this was plainly how humans live, and how we are. Maybe I am used to conventional poetry, but I was looking for you to stick with that theme through thick and thin and hold it tightly in the stanzas, but the third stanza took a deep slant way out in left field, which is something I really frown upon. Then again, unpoetry is a new concept to me, so I have to get used to it.

        It is sort of as if people have to get used to my awesome looks. Sure, it takes a while for them to figure out that I’m “the bomb” and will mange anyone who thinks otherwise. Just like those people, I really have to get it through my head that unpoetry isn’t a dumb iambic pentameter scheme. Unpoetry is the GSB3 scheme.

        That being said the third stanza did in fact make me want to go rob a shoe store. Actually, this one sentence really made me want to eat puppies.

        “God cares God is here God is
        watching God saw you lose he saw you get hurt he was there
        when he said that he was there when you broke up when you
        got divorced when he died when she died he was there and he…”

        For those who are jus wondering, I underlined it simply because I have a huge ego and I just love pointing odd crap out.

        Now I know immediately what some of you will be saying, “I picked this section because it talks about god!”

        Moreover, you know what I say to that.

        Go play in the highway.

        Just because I have the audacity to challenge religious spots in any sort of medium that doesn’t mean that, I will immediately frown upon something that has the word god in it.

        I won, so screw all you.

        Anyways… this “unpoem,” it looks like it’s an “unpoem” so that’s what I’m calling it. Sue me if I’m wrong….


        I really liked it…. Except for that one sentence I defecated. If I were to give this a star rating, I’d give it 4 out of 5. I don’t want to sleep with this poem obviously. I don’t love it that much, but its mark twain material here. This is the definition of humans, what we did, and what we will do. I love poems like that, and this one. That being said, I think I’ll just kiss your poem instead. I’ll give it that much.

        The weird writer… also known as the crippled critic.

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