here and now

stopping to check it out.
oh, how nice.
no, not really.
only if.

another life.

not me.
not now.
not here.

back to reality again:
on a limited budget,
with responsibilities,
a set bedtime (sort of).

got to be at work in the a.m.
got to go to church on Sunday.
got to worship…?


that’s not right, is it?


here and now is nice,
isn’t it?


Can do, can come through.
Going to, on top, trying not,
Going for, leaving not,
Staying through, on it.

How do we label things?
How do we push through
Those difficult times?

We close another chapter
In difficulty, and look to
The brighter future
Of our darkened life,

Hoping for a bit of luck,
Counting on it.
We strive, we hope,
We cling to that hope.

Blessings will come.
It’s in God’s plan
We are God’s chosen,
Even if it kills us.



Looked, saw, felt, smelled, tasted.
Gone, now.  Yesterday again.

In passing,
Another time and space–remembered?
Wells of grief and regret have buried
What was at one moment
A shining beacon of light!

In passing,
A love–so deep, so full of power and strength,
Lies as ruins in the dusty basement of memory.

Only a passing glimpse of something,
Perhaps superficially unrelated,
And sometimes even
Far from the truth…remembers.

After passing,
A possibility that was
At one time only imagined,
But still, at one time, very powerful,
To some sense–in the mind,
Or the body, or the soul…
Still, after all, it Lives.