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"Power of Faith" Painting by Leonid Abremov From “Power of Faith”
Painting by Leonid Abremov

speak not of beliefs
human words
are but fire
the flames giving
voice to chimera
true testament
stands upon deeds
all the evident essence
of what one believes
found in how one
behaves among
conscience or crowds
books may teach
the mechanics of
doctrine but man
woman child each
and all create creed
every life a complete
definition of faith

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Tick, tock, watch the clock,

Wonder how I had that thought.

Getting up is such a chore

When your feet won’t touch the floor.

I don’t know what I thought

When I set the clock for nought.

Crazy, seems, to get out

Of these comfy covers, now.

Do you blame me, even so,

For being tired and moving slow?

I’ll be up, soon as I

Catch a little more shut-eye.