Does God Hate Me?

Before I pray, I want to know:

Will God hurt me?

Will he betray me?

What if he gets mad at me

Like he did to some people

In the Bible?

What if the bad things

About God in the Bible are true?

What if the good things

Are not true?

What if God rejects me?

What if he tells me

To kill someone?

What if he tells me

To leave my family and friends?

There are scary things

About God that worry me.

There are scary things

About love that worry me.

To fully trust someone

Is to put your life

In their hands,

No holding back.

Is God worthy

Of my trust?

Someone as powerful

As God is scary to me.

Just think

Of what he could do to me

If he hates me.

Does God hate me?


Unknown scary times blood

Pain loneliness risk sacrifice

Clouds blocking views of spirit

Wisdom lies truth hidden haze

Mystery paradox brokenness

Willful must persevere pushing

Finding truth twists turns holes

Caves water washes all light

Movement vision climbing out

Relationship love giving faith

Connection cooperation trust

Sharing family friends support

Betrayal loss gifts rejection hard

Callous abyss hell separation 

Alone abandoned suffering bed

Home reunion past memories

Confusion haunting ghosts real

Power beloved life freedom

Journey meeting meal being