My Lucky Day

Feeling bursts into mental state.

I’m so irate, I pity my own fate.

I’ll take what you can give,

I’ll hope to be saved.

Simple things will rock me to taste,

The hardness of life cripples my brain.

Do you know of what I complain?

Have you seen my latest date?

Bait, such bait, my soul deflates.

Imprisoned, I swear till I wear my cape.

Tortured to the end, I’m always late.

In the hole, is where I’m laid.

Insane, insane, my rotten brain,

My life is cut, I hide from pain.

Can you see where I am made?

Where I plead, why I’m slain?

Softly it comes, quickly it raids.

With a twist, it becomes

The truth, such a bane.

It’s so wrong, a song,

A haunted refrain.

It’s been too long,

I pray now for rain.

It’s not me anymore, not what I claim.

What’s left of myself

Clings to, but wanes.

I lose my grip, not what I’d say.

It happens too fast, too soon,

What a lucky day!

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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