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It’s Raining Lies

Posted: October 22, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Hello, goodbye, see you later.
See you sometime,
Sooner or after.
Hear you behind, full of laughter.

Follow the leader,
Come by the easy way.
Trek the flowers,
Truck the dirt.

Real words modify.
Wrong words criticize.
Beautiful names signify.
Insults don’t dignify.

Hell might be true,
If it weren’t for the lies.
Heaven might be real,
Except for the dead guys.

How about truth?
How about love?
Forgiveness is a nice invention.
If only we practiced what we preached.

Do you believe the known is knowable?
Do you contribute to the miracle?
What is in a name, and when is it in vain?
I hope tomorrow it doesn’t rain.

Dancing Asleep

Posted: October 21, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Dancing happy strings, smoothly.
Love flows up and down,
Around my heart, I sing a melody.
Close my eyes, I fall asleep.

Trials tax my life, but they cannot crush
Courage deep below my life.
Behind the normal, everyday,
I live a piercing focus step.

Cringe from all the ties alive.
Wrapped in tinsel, then afire.
Reading stories all around.
Fluttering rainbows blink the sound.

Ripped apart, the angels drop.
The quietude believes aloft.
Socked a dock, a rock in stock.
Mock my words, I do not stop!

Seminole Spirit

Posted: October 19, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Seminole spirit
Irish luck.
The journey continues.

It has been a long road
For the Seminoles,
Filled with many ups and downs,
Many potholes and snags,

Many black clouds
And stormy nights.
But there have also been
Glittering rainbows,

Glorious, amazing
Come backs galore,
Rallies and smack downs.

The Seminoles
Have stayed on top
To the best of their abilities.

Off the field,
There have been embarrassments,
Faux pas,
Close calls and nervousness,

But in the end,
The tribe has shook it off,
Left it all in the locker room,
And come out fighting.

Yes, there is still
Plenty to work on,
But, for now,
Let them bask in their glory!

Autumn Is Here

Posted: October 13, 2014 by gsb3 in Uncategorized


Terror, gasps, screams, cries,
Hope dashed, evil overcoming,
Darkness descending
Into a ancient room.
Haunted hoodlums
Tearing apart the creations
Of so many years of effort.
Politicians insulting,
Lying, and stretching the truth,
Pleading for your money
For the next election,
As if it is an emergency.
So many things
Competing for our attention.
Pumpkins lined up
Along the road.
School getting into a rhythm.
Holidays peeking
Around the corner.
Christmas will be here
Before you know it,
And IS here,
Depending upon
Where you shop!

To Dwell, or Not to Dwell?

Posted: October 13, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

Howdy, fella,
What’s up with you?
I’m right here
Watching the crowd go by.

What they say,
And what they do,
Don’t matter much
To me, anyway.

We worry too much
About the most
Trivial of things.

Why is that?
Why are we so concerned
About what another person
Says or does?

Yes, it matters,
For the moment,
But is it all that important,
At the end of the day?

In the span of our life,
These isolated occurrences
Monopolize our time
And energy, as if

It was major surgery,
Or a death in the family.
In fact, we probably
Worry more about it,

Than we do about
Major events.
It is true,
That how we treat each other

Adds meaning to our lives.
A great experience,
Or a really bad one,
Can build us up,

Or tear us down,
In ways that other events don’t.
Perhaps, we should
Take them very seriously.

But, after the fact,
We must realize,
There is nothing we can do
To change what happened.

All we can do,
Is learn, and move on.
Dwelling on them
Does not make things better.

On the flip side,
If we spend some time,
Thinking about something nice,
That will go much further

In making us feel
A whole lot better.
We should all try to do this.

A Spooky Night

Posted: October 12, 2014 by gsb3 in Fiction, Poetry


One night,
I walked out my front door,
And stepped…
On a knife.

What was a knife
Doing on my walkway?
That’s when I heard it:
Heavy breathing,

Behind me!
I thought quickly.
If I turn around
Really fast,

That wouldn’t work.
My next idea
Was to take off running.

So I did.
I ran and ran.
Even as I ran,
I could still hear it.

Heavy breathing!
As I passed by a tree,
I reached out
And broke off a limb.

It wouldn’t be much,
But I needed something
With which to defend myself.
I turned around, really fast,

And yelled out, “Ha!”
I didn’t see anyone behind me.
I looked down,
And there was my

Smiling golden retriever,
Buddy, panting away.
“You!” I shouted.
“You scared me

Half to death!”
Buddy just smiled
And wagged his tail.
He didn’t understand.

But I was relieved.
That’s when I thought of it.
The knife.
I knew there was a knife

On my walkway.
I walked, slowly,
Back to my walkway,
Trying to catch my breath.

I looked down,
Right where I had seen it.
There it was!
A dog comb.

I must have left it there,
Earlier that afternoon,
When I was out front,
Brushing Buddy.

All this Halloween stuff
Had gone to my head!
I went back inside,
And ate some candy,

That I had bought
For kids on Halloween.
At least this stupid holiday
Was good for something!

Football Again

Posted: October 11, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Blocking, rushing, passing,
Running for the end zone!
The big upset!
The win by one.

Holding on, until the end.
Fighting back.
Coming back from way behind.
The target, the face mask.

Offsides, illegal substitution.
The blocked kick.
The interception.
The 100 yard return for a touchdown!

The drama is continuous.
The stamina, the perseverance,
The willpower needed
To get the win.

In your face, Number 1!
The unranked challenges.
The top ten are toppled.
The predictions are disproved.

The fun never ends!

A Stirring Mind

Posted: October 8, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

Making music with my mind
Comes naturally to me.
I say a word, and then it flows.
Another step into the absurd.

Rhyming, rhythm, alliteration.
Catching thoughts of my generation.
Dumping it all into the page.
How I sing, how I rage!

Every line upon a page.
Simple thoughts, feelings, too.
Sometimes I am feeling blue.
It comes out, then points on through.

Makes you think, makes you cry.
I am just that kind of guy.
Some complain, some don’t like it.
Some choose to deny it.

Do you see the way it’s true?
Do you think it’s true for you?
Hoping now to ring a bell.
In your head, I stir up hell.

Let’s meet up in another place.
Let’s continue to keep the pace.
I will speak, and you will listen.
Then we’ll switch to another position.

Back and forth, we’ll discuss
What you like, and how you’ll fuss
About the things you can’t stand.
I will be a humble man.

So, is it a deal? Are we a team?
It’s easier than it would seem.
Hold my hand and bend an ear.
I will read it now, right here.

Football All Season

Posted: October 4, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Amazing, how
Football teams can
Come together,
Beat each other to a pulp,
And someone wins.

It really is
To watch.
But why do we
Do it?

Why do we
Cheer them on,
As injury upon injury
And all we really

Care about,
If we’re honest,
Is who comes out
On top?
It’s really a shame.

What if we
Pumped all this money
That goes into
Into academics?

Or, better yet,
Maybe we should require
Football players
To do community service,
So, just maybe,

They also learn
The value of
Maybe at halftime
They should take a collection,

Like they do at church,
And send the money
To feed and clothe
Underprivileged children
In the inner cities

Of the United States.
Maybe they could fund
A free education
For kids all over
Our country

That have to give up
Their dreams of college,
Because their families
Have hit hard times.
Could it happen?

Probably not.
We love violence
Way too much.
We love a fight.
We like to watch.

We want to be
We want to be
From our boring lives.

What has happened
To our great country?
We’re fat and happy,
Or we’re suffering
And crushed.

We don’t see the forest
For the trees.
So, we’ll just
Spend more,
And care less,

For each other,
And not care at all
For those that do not have
What we have.
Are we confused?

Marry Gel

Posted: October 4, 2014 by gsb3 in "Unpoetry"

Marry mouse mink thing oval
Tarry mellow meander rainbow
Tame move elbow elated every
Now bowl leave lewd ooze into
Cruise schmooze lose ruse tube
Entropy cute mood crude boo
Poo same cram lamb Pam bam
Like said cleave movie endorphin
Maybe port seed mouth pee if
Lots word kick lame quick pick
Read weeds tall ball vacuum orb
Pack rack frack tack jack fight
Tight quack exact zoom pot realm
Year yell kill bell mail tell cube
Sell veal queer trill well veer type
Mike bill quell hell Nell peel gel