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Be Yourself

Posted: April 22, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

Hey, you are the one.
Come to me soon.
Go on the journey with me.
Remind me of your love.

Answer me, when I ask
How you are doing today.
Tell me how you feel.
Trust me.

Do you know
What makes me happy?
Do you care
How I feel?

Let us agree
To support one another.
Let us go together
To find our future.

Be the same
As you were yesterday.
I remember you
As you were.

Life changes things,
And occasionally
It changes us.
Be who you are.

Be yourself.

Open Your Heart

Posted: April 22, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

God wants
To be close to you.
He knows your name,
And every hair on your head.

He knows
When the sparrow falls.
He feels your pain.
He wants you to trust him.

God knows
What you are feeling
Right now.
And he cares, deeply, about you.

Give him your heart,
And he will give you the world.
He will raise you up
To the heavens.

He will bless you
Beyond your imagination.
He will take you
To a wonderful place

That is meant just for you.
God wants to give you joy,
And fulfillment,
And forgiveness.

You are okay.
He will meet you
Exactly where you are,
Just open your heart.

Be the One

Posted: April 21, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

How did you come by
That name?
How did you arrive
In that tortured frame?

Ask me now,
What do I think?
Be all that is possible,
But the kitchen sink.

Be the one.
Be with me.
Be the chosen.
Be lovely.

Are you my friend,
Or my enemy?
Are you my brother?
Can’t you see?

I want to be
What you need me to be.
I want to give to you
Completely, freely.

Be to me
What I need you to be.
Be my only.
Bend your knee.

I love you
Despite the loss.
You are mine
No matter what it costs.

Come with me
To salvation.
We will make
A powerful nation.

Let’s move
The mountains now.
Let’s make
A sacred vow.

We will break
Through the stone.
You will never
Be alone.

F’ing It

Posted: April 19, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry



Funny things make me laugh.
Fairy queens cross my path.
Flora and fauna are lovely to behold.
Fat Tuesday is great for colds.

Foreign powers compete for wealth.
Fleets of aircraft fly in stealth.
Family ties are stronger than friends.
Fabulous eggs come from hens.

Fun times are had by all.
Fins up! Then bounce a ball.
Friday nights are good to rest.
Football games are the best.

Fools like to brag a lot.
Fighting well is what they’re taught.
Flirting words can be quite tense.
Few leaders sit on the fence.

Flawless faces are found in space.
Fully forward is far more dangerous.
Fords are always compared to Chevys.
Faster forces push you to your knees.

Happy Easter!

Posted: April 19, 2014 by gsb3 in Uncategorized


The Easter Bunny
Said to Santa Claus,
“I don’t believe in you!”
Santa said, “Me neither.”

The Tooth Fairy
Their conversation,
And offered,

“You two are crazy!”
I don’t think
It really matters
If we believe.

“It’s what children believe
That keeps the world turning.
Miracles and fantasies
Are the food of legend.

“If you have love
In your heart,
And you believe
Like a little child,

“You will inherit
The kingdom of God.”
The other two smiled
At each other,

Shook hands,
And agreed
That the Tooth Fairy
Was right.

Said the Easter Bunny,
Have a chocolate egg.”
Santa smiled again,

And said,
“Thank you,
Easter Bunny!”
I will put you

On the “Nice” list,
And maybe
This Christmas,
I’ll bring you

Extra special.
You, too,
Tooth Fairy!”

“Thank you,
Here’s a dollar
For you.

“Don’t spend it all
In one place!”

“Happy Easter, everyone!”


Posted: April 17, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Dogs delight
In food all the time.
They don’t go for clever
Rhythms and rhyme.

If you want to make friends,
Then give them a treat.
If you want to play,
Then get up from your seat.

A loyal companion,
Till death, do us part.
A fervent protector
Even with just a bark.

Curl up in bed,
But better make room.
He will be jumping up
With the rise of the moon.

Don’t forget
To feed him on time.
A rub and a pet
Will do just fine.

Man’s best friend,
And woman’s, too.
He’ll never forget
To remain always true.

So if you are
In need of a pet,
A dog will do great.
The best one yet!

The High Road

Posted: April 16, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry


Cats cry endlessly
Into the night.
They cause my soul
To fill with fright.

Never again
Will I bow my head
To those who fill
My heart with dread.

Something calls
Across the plain.
It touches me
Deep down, with pain.

I cannot reason
Out of this.
I can’t imagine
What’s behind the mist.

Will there be
An answer for me,
Or will my thoughts
Race constantly?

Is there peace
At the end of the path,
Or will I suffer
The aftermath?

I must rise
Above the din.
I must pray
To enter in

To God’s presence,
A holy vow.
I must take
The high road now.


Posted: April 15, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry



Bears are furry and cute,
But they have sharp teeth.
I don’t imagine
That bears make good pets.

My office building sits
Beside a lake
On the edge
Of a large forest.

One day, when we
Were in a drought,
The lake had dried up,
And a bear came across

To look for food.
He smelled something
In our dumpster.

Saw the bear
And sent out an email
To the whole company

To be careful
And stay away from the bear.
Within a few minutes
Several people made their way

Outside to check out the bear.
So much for being careful!
Nobody got too close.

Bells and Light

Posted: April 15, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

Bells declare that church is starting,
Or dinner is ready,
Or that my cat is coming
Down the hall.

I like bells. They are nice.
Bells are pretty.
That must suffice.
Ring your bell,

Wherever you are.
Ring it out,
Loud enough
So all can hear!

Ring so that
They will know
You are alive!
Ring it now!

Then jump start your heart,
And dive right in,
Into life, with all it’s currents.
Don’t be swayed

By popular opinion.
Do your thing
Just the way that only you
Know how to do.

Be yourself!
Shine like the sun!
Shine, so that the whole world
Can see your light!

Apples Can Be Tart

Posted: April 14, 2014 by gsb3 in Poetry

Apples can be tart.
I like Macintosh.
They are tasty!
Do you believe me
When I say
I will be faithful?

I will follow you
I don’t care where
You decide to go.
I will be there
At your heels.

I want to be
Part of you
In the Spring.
And in the Summer.
I don’t want to ride.
I’d rather walk.

So do you root
For the winning team,
Or do you hold out hope
For the loser?
Don’t try to lie.
I can see right through you.

Let’s go to the bank
And take out someone else’s money.
Wouldn’t that be funny?
I think so.
I could be the Easter Bunny,
And you could be the Tooth Fairy.

I don’t care
If you stay here.
Come along
And see what happens,
If you like.
No need to argue.

We’re all friends here.
I need a beer.
Let’s go for a walk
In the Central Park.
It would be relaxing,
Don’t you think?